The ISO 9001 Group is a full service consulting, auditing and training firm based in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to help your organization increase profits, improve operations and reduce or eliminate risks and waste. We are the designers of Conformance Manager, which is a secure SaaS web-based management system software solution, which provides confidence that your management system is always in conformance with the latest management system standards.

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Conformance Manager is a secure web-based management system software solution, which provides confidence that your management system is always in conformance with the latest management system standards, such as: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), ISO 17025 (laboratory), API Spec Q1\Q2 (oil and gas), AS 9100 (aerospace), IATF 16949 (automotive) and many more.  Conformance Manager™, provides secure access to your management system from any web-enabled device and eliminates tedious Excel and Word documents, which are not integrated and cause duplication in effort. Modules in Conformance Manager™ are fully integrated, saving on data entry, improved data analysis and reporting across modules.

Designed by Management System Professionals

Perfect for all company sizes: small, medium or large. Excellent solution for companies with multiple sites, with a need for central oversight of their system. Management system software that ensures regulatory compliance for quality, environmental, health and safety management systems.


Intuitive and Practical Design, Accessible on any device (tablet, phone, desktop), Accessible anywhere with internet access, Encrypted Log-In and Data Transmission, Secure Data Storage (IBM Servers), Data Backed Up (IBM Servers), Task Management and Reminders, Multi-Site Management, Fully Integrated Modules


Job Descriptions – Create job descriptions for each position, Training Matrix – Training and competency requirements for each position, Training Register – Register and track training for employees, Competency Assessment – Develop competency tests for each position, Employee Feedback – Allow employees to provide feedback and engage, Employee Evaluation – Evaluate employees’ performance and compliance

Document Control

Policies – Post management system policies for employees to view, Controlled Document Register – Upload and control documents and revisions, Record Retention – Establish retention policies for record types, Document Transmittal – Confirm receipt when you distribute documents, Action Confirmation – Confirm preventive or corrective actions are implemented


Product Design and Development – Define product design inputs and outputs, Service Design and Development – Define service design inputs and outputs, Product or Service Requirements – Communicate requirements to suppliers by commodity or service, Quality Plan – Develop quality plans for production runs or projects, Calibration or Test Methods – Develop calibration and test methods for your laboratory, Proficiency Testing Plan – Develop proficiency testing plans for your laboratory


Nonconformity \ CAPA – Track nonconformities , root cause analysis and corrective \ preventive actions, Audit Schedule – Set up internal and external audit schedules, Deviation \ Change Requests – Manage deviation and change requests, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) – Conduct FMEAs on product potential or actual failures, Meetings – Schedule and take minutes of staff meetings, management review meetings, etc. Risk Register – Identify and assess risks. Establish mitigation and contingency plans. Incident Reporting – Track employee, environmental, equipment incidences


Maintenance \ Calibration Scheduling – Establish equipment maintenance and calibration schedules by make and model, Inventory Register – Inventory and register equipment and assets, Maintenance \ Calibration Register – Register maintenance and calibration activities


Objectives \ Key Performance Indicators – Establish management system objectives and KPIs, Supplier Evaluations – Evaluate your suppliers easily, Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Create and send customer satisfaction survey. Real-time reporting.

Reporting and Graphs

Dashboard of Key Metrics upon Log-In, Objectives \ Key Performance Indicators, Controlled Document Register, Record Retention, Risk Register, Nonconformity Register, Internal Audit Reporting, Supplier Evaluations, Training Register, Maintenance \ Calibration, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Feedback, Management Review, Equipment Inventory, Document Transmittals, Action Confirmation